April 10th 2018 – A big CONGRATS to our clients, Gold Leaf MD, for the grand opening of their dispensary at 2029 West Street in Annapolis! It was a long road, and one of the most difficult assignments we have worked on..but the end result was certainly worth the wait. Our firm was tasked with securing a site that met the stringent requirements set by the MD Medical Cannabis Commission and AA County Planning and Zoning. This involved locating a site either a) without debt subject to Federal law (near impossible), or b) identifying and purchasing a property all-cash. Also the site had to be located on an arterial road and could not be within 1000 ft of a residentially zoned property, residence or school within AA County. We identified and successfully negotiated an off-market transaction that met the stated requirements, allowing our clients to move their application and licensing process forward. John Rosso represented Gold Leaf MD.

As one of the first dispensaries to open in the county, this facility is truly state of the art and decked out to the nines!